RECIPE: Zesty Pancakes | Organix
  Prep: 30-60 mins
 Cooks in: Under 10 mins
    Serves: 10


2 eggs 
300ml milk (or a milk alternative - rice/oat/nut milk) 
2 oranges (zest and fruit) 
100g plain flour (or buckwheat flour as a gluten free option) 
Coconut or rapeseed oil for cooking 
Greek yogurt to serve 
Maple syrup to serve (optional)

Step 1

Whisk the eggs and milk together in a large bowl or jug, either with a hand whisk or an electric one.

Step 2

Use a fine zester to zest both of the oranges, then add all of this into the batter. (Be careful to only take the top layer of orange, as the white pith is very bitter). Then add the flour slowly, whisking thoroughly until completely smooth. Leave the batter to stand for about ½ hour. This improves the quality of the batter and makes it easier to cook with.

Step 3

Use a sharp knife to cut the peel off the oranges. Cut as close as you can to the skin, so that you remove the bitter white pith, but don’t lose the orange flesh. Then divide into segments and cut the segments in half to create lots of little orange pieces.

Step 4

Use a paper towel to wipe a small amount of oil over a small frying pan to lightly grease it, then heat it over a medium to high heat. Add a small ladle of batter and tip the pan to just coat the base. (Top-tip - the batter should be a very thin layer and if you have the temperature of the pan right it should cook on one side in about 30 seconds. The side you’re looking at will look like it has lots of tiny pot holes in it when it’s cooked. Use a fish slice to carefully slide underneath and flip it over. Then cook the other side for another 30 seconds to a minute. It should be beautifully golden on both sides).


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