Pregnancy Awareness - Part 1

In honour of pregnancy awareness week we at Philips Avent will be dedicating our month to pregnancy awareness and all the topics that go along with it.


The most important aspect to keep at the front of your mind during pregnancy is your – and your baby’s – health.

You and your baby should be eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich food. You should try and avoid sugar and un-healthy fats as much as possible. And the myth about “eating for two” is just that, a myth! Your body does not require additional calories in the first trimester but you do require approximately 350 extra calories in the second trimester, and an extra 450 calories per day in the third and final trimester. You should also be aiming to drink at least 2L of water a day.


This aspect of pregnancy still falls under health, but it is important enough to require its own write-up.

You should ideally start taking pre-natal vitamins before falling pregnant but, failing that, you can start taking them as soon as you receive the positive pregnancy test. Your pre-natal vitamin will ensure that you are ingesting the correct amounts of the required vitamins such as folic acid, calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and more.


Once pregnant you will be inundated with what to not put into your body and this can be discussed with your care-provider. However, you should never drink alcohol while pregnant (or while breastfeeding). You should also stay away from smoking as it is proven to cause premature birth and other adverse outcomes.


Sometimes easier said than done, but you need to prioritize rest during your pregnancy.

Avoid stressful situations, get ample sleep, and postpone any major life changes such as moving houses, excessive training for sporting events, and changing jobs until your baby is a few months old.


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Join us again next week for Pregnancy Awareness - Part 2


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