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Look at any advert about the subject of Mother’s Day and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t resemble ‘the dream’.

The mum who wakes up well-rested, having been ‘gifted’ a lie in. Followed by a picture-perfect breakfast in bed tray of Danish pastries and freshly brewed coffee, lovingly prepared by her children. All washed down with a handmade card to cherish for a lifetime.

Now, we don’t want to sound cynical, but we have to be honest, that dream doesn’t always play out quite the same in reality.

let’s take the first part of the story; the lie in.

For most parents, it could be Mother’s Day or a gloomy wet Wednesday – your kids’ body clocks won’t care. They will still wake at their usual time and begin their daily demands, irrespective of any advertising that says otherwise.

If you are lucky enough to have someone at home who can intercept them on the landing, you might get an extra hour or so. You will, however, probably spend it listening to the destruction going on downstairs and give up, wondering when 7am on a Sunday became a lie in.

then there’s the mother’s day breakfast.

Children love the idea of Mother’s Day, and treating mum to breakfast in bed.

Spoiler alert: If they insist on ‘helping’ to create it, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the Insta-worthy cuisine that you might imagine.

In fact, given the complexity of creating a brunch-style dish, instead, you’ll have to lower your expectations and accept whatever is safe for them to make.

So think less eggs florentine with a steaming hot drink, and more cold toast cut into interesting shapes with a lump of butter that they can’t spread. Accompanied by some lukewarm tea.

It’s the thought that counts though, and we can all stomach a slightly cold breakfast that resembles one of their Playdoh creations. It’s when they want to enjoy it with you, dropping crumbs or spilling milk all over your clean bedding that it becomes less restful.

And chances are, there might be a fight between who gets to carry the tray or sit next to you that results in tears. Relaxing, eh?!

There is still more to come though…

the handmade card.

Once you’ve mentally dealt with the spills of breakfast, you’ll have to battle through watching the entire contents of the craft cupboard empty into your bed linen.

Children can’t make cards without using a whole tube of glitter or sequins, and you’ll still be finding it in the creases at Easter.

 it’s awfully lovely though.

Of course, this all sounds like we don’t appreciate Mother’s Day, which is obviously not true.

The meaning behind the day is not to get that Instagram post to share with your followers. It’s about sharing in your child’s enjoyment of them expressing their love to you. Yes, this should happen every other day too, but sometimes everybody needs a reminder to make a special effort.

So whether you buy into the idea of the day, or prefer to treat it as any other day with the kids, being appreciated for the hard work you put into raising children is the best feeling.

The key to enjoying Mother’s Day is to be realistic and look for the positives, as with anything else in parenthood. Happy Mother’s Day from us all at vital baby!


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