Getting Your Baby Started with Solids

When to move onto solids:

Don’t feel you need to move your little one onto solids before 17 weeks after your baby’s expected due date. The reason being is that your little ones digestive and immune systems are not sufficiently developed and you may end up doing more harm as there could be a greater risk of allergies occurring.

Home cooking is best:

As easy as it is to go out and purchase ready made meals for your little one, we highly recommend you consider cooking for your baby yourself. That way you know exactly what is going into the meals. It is definitely more economical and easier to vary your little ones diet. The taste is fresher – i.e. no preservatives and also not so bland.

Preparing the basics in and around the kitchen:

What to purchase when moving onto solids? In most cases you shall probably find that you already have most of the utensils needed. You do not have to go and spend vast sums of money.
Some items are:

  • Blender (this could be a hand held blender – great for easy cleaning) or processor.
  • Steamer – always a good investment as you can use it for the entire family. Steaming your vegetables preserves the maximum nutrients.
  • Freezer Containers – a great one to start off with are good old ice cube trays or Baby Cubes (available in 40ml / 70ml and 140ml). Spoon portions of the purée into the trays, wrap in freezer bag and pop into the freezer. (next week we shall cover this method in more detail). Freezer bowls can be purchased for meals when they get older.  
  • Feeding accessories – again don’t go to great expense – a simple weaning bowl and shallow plastic spoon is adequate. There are of course heat-sensitive bowls that change colour according to the temperature. There are also bowls that have suction –pads at the bottom so that your little one cannot throw or knock the bowl on the floor.

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