Fine Motor Skills

Let your little one explore and find things out for him/herself. Remember as you play with them to constantly talk and explain what you are doing. Mentioning the colours of the items, what it is and the shape and size. This shall help with their verbal skills that are also being stimulated at present.

Look to what they are pointing at as this again is a time when they are wanting to explore both visually and physically. Initially babies tend to point with their whole hand, arm and fingers. As they get older you shall see that they shall often just use their fingers.

Some good fine motor skills that you can practice with your little one/s are as follows:

  1. Stacking blocks – where they can learn to either fit the blocks into each other or stack them on top of each other.
  2. Plastic rings on a stand – these are normally brightly coloured and have various sizes. Great one for teaching them hand-eye co-ordination as to placing the rings onto the stand and taking them off again.
  3. Push-down/pop-up toys – they come in a whole range of different types and colours.
  4. Books with material inserts – where they can feel the different textures. Some even have different activities for them e.g. threading things through a hole / opening and closing of a door / buttoning and unbuttoning an outfit etc.
  5. Puzzles with large knobs for your little one to grasp, or puzzle blocks.

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